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Chimney Repair Services

If you have noticed that your fireplace is not working as it should, there may be a blockage or some internal damage inside your chimney. This can cause some issues to both your health and also the safety of your home. We provide many different services that diagnose and treat these problems. Moreover, if you require chimney repair services in Gloucestershire or the surrounding area, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Chimney Maintenance

Not only do we provide a professional chimney sweeping service and relining, but we also provide chimney repairs for a wide range of issues. Maintaining your chimney can be crucial, not only for the efficiency of your fireplace, but also to your own health and safety. Chimney issues can cause health problems as well as potentially causing a fire in your home. To avoid this, we recommend that you have your chimney swept and checked on a regular basis. We can carry out a chimney inspection using CCTV cameras, which allows us to get a clear view of your chimney. From here, we can diagnose any blockages or even structural damage.

Cracks, blockages, build-up of tar, creosote, and soot can cause many different health and safety issues. We can diagnose and treat these issues so that they remain under control. If you think you have structural damage to your chimney, then a full service is something that we highly recommend. We can then arrange scaffolding and all the necessary resources needed to carry out the repairs.

Bird Cowls Installation

There are many ways a chimney can become blocked up, but a common cause is birds taking up residence inside of your chimney. To stop this from happening, we can fit bird cowls. This is a great way to stop birds blocking up your fireplace as well as preventing debris such as leaves and twigs from causing an obstruction. These are an extremely common sight on the tops of residential chimneys and something that we highly recommend that you have installed.

Contact AJ’s Chimney Services

If you require our chimney services, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are also on hand to offer some expert advice.

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